Mayan Codex


It is a crime to the world that 1000s of Mayan Codices were destroyed when the Spaniards burned all they could find.

At the end, when it was all but too late, four codeces were rescued from utter oblivion.

Stay tuned. I plan to post them all here.

Best Survival to all human efforts to save the thoughts that make us human.


Patterns of Creation


From intricate carvings on sacred, historical and sometimes ancient structures to modern patterns reproduced in all mediums, geometric patterns have a potential history all their own.

Called ‘cymatics’ basic geometric patterns can be created with sand, water, oil etc. Just add sound.

Interesting to note that ancient creation texts speak of ‘the creator’ spoke the material world into existence.  Ok.

And we can see basic forms using simple vibrations making patterns we commonly see painted on tiles or carved into stone on buildings…

Imagine the complex sounds that could manifest a world? A tree? Animals… Some believe this is quite possible.

It is said that angels gave man words. Interesting that the vibration from words effect water crystals (just search Messages in Water) , and the original symbols for the early worde were shapes that were simple line drawings for the things the words represented. Those simple shapes morphed into our modern writing and words.

Did snowflakes capture a tiny vibration emanating from down below as it was forming?

How do the vibrations from our words effect others? Effect the earth and cosmos around us?

What about the vibrations from our thoughts…

Do you think the Earth resonnances effect us? We are wired to match the Schumann vibrations of our plnet.

How do the enormous volume of microwaves and radio wave effect us? These vibrations even cook food…

Here are some amazing designs. Enjoy the vibrational world in all you see.

Alien Art, Art of Aliens?

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Fabulous cave art from prehistoric times up to 50,000 years old and perhaps older would seem to push the thought that our ancient ancestors encountered alien beings!

Now, anyone who has read or experienced shamanic practices knows that it is not uncommon for these individuals (and others for that manner) to consume organics that are known to create ‘other worldly’ encounters… perhaps expriencing other dimensions that are unusual to our typical material world…

I have come to think that in these ancient bucolic cultures, it would have been a common practice to record these more remarkable and etheric encounters. Perhaps to help in sharing the experience with others, or to memorialize the event.

In any event, they are remarkable to ponder. What if?ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Ancient Stone Heads

Stone Heads found deeply buried sometimes 40 feet under ground, and most in South America have indicated a race unknown in that area, in a time period previously believed to have been non populated… Unique head dress, carved with levels of stone cutting precision not believed existent from ‘ancient’ times…

They would suggest a people technically advanced for ‘there period’. Not really primitive to our modern experience honoring individuals with statues…

Oddly, archaeological communities ask, “Why did their people bury these statues, and why so deep?” Aside from the obvious question of ‘who’ these people were, the answer to ‘why’ could easily be debated that they were buried by the natural process of a massive flood… likened to what many records (including the Christian bible) indicate was a world experienced calamity.  Along with massive fossil/animal bone pile ups found very deep underground in catches where apparently massive waters drowned and washed remains.

Also in line with this thinking are more  discoveries of prehistoric pyramid complexes, cities, and evidence of high tehnology both underground and under deep waters ranging from 4000 to 12, 000 years old.


Evolution of ‘The Human Skull’


This is a beatiful layout clearly illustrating what is believed to be the natural evolution of the human skull… (Credit: for more…) However, this does not appear to address ‘other skulls’ often discovered which display various degrees of elongation, or unusual eye socket placement, unusual structure to jaw or cheek bone placement. It’s easy for ‘authorities’ to state simply that head binding practices, or rare deformities account for these anomalous skulls. There are a few skulls out there that simply ‘don’t apply’. Even the ‘Star Child’ skull has turned up with ‘non human’ DNA… Why didn’t that take the top postings everywhere? There are newer skull discoveries that are being paraded as just more evidence of head binding… see more on this site soon.




These would appear to have very little in common with our ‘human’ evolution. Look closely…anomalies certainly. .. Alien? Human-esque? Or just rare deformaties? We will post more unique skulls as they become evident. You decide. Thank you for visiting!